Summer 2018 Travel Recap

Mirador del Valle Toledo VC

I don’t exactly live in a tourist hotspot. When I tell people in Spain where I’m from, the most common reaction I get is them nodding and going “Ah, Ohio” while politely pretending to have heard of it. However, I definitely have a newfound appreciation for where I come from after so much time away. I was happy that I was able to give my boyfriend an “authentic” American experience for his first time in the US. We might not have seen Times Square or the Golden Gate Bridge, but we experienced life just as normal, everyday Americans do. [Read more]

Andalusia’s Best of the West: Seville and Cádiz Itinerary + Photos


Spring won’t officially arrive for about another 3 weeks, but the beautiful weather in western Andalusia this weekend sure had me fooled. [Read more]