1-day itinerary: Bratislava from Vienna


Less than an hour east of Vienna, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage and even richer Sachertorte, yet more historically and aesthetically similar to distant Prague, Bratislava isn’t usually the first European capital that comes to the mind of would-be visitors. That being said, it’s the perfect little city to spend an afternoon and escape from the bustling Austrian capital. Due to its small, compact layout, you can easily visit the main sights in an afternoon and still have time for a local beer in a cozy pub. [Read more]

Expat Facts: Little Epiphanies on Spring Break

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I love schedules, itineraries, and knowing when and where things are going to happen. (Remember when I said I love the German lifestyle?) The word spontaneity makes me cringe a little bit. I surprised myself when I decided to go on a semi-last-minute trip to Bratislava, Slovakia, a city I didn’t know much about except for what a friend who lived there last summer had told me (hi Jess!). But when I became aware of the opportunity to take a day trip there from Vienna (fun fact: Vienna and Bratislava are the two geographically closest international capitals), I decided to go for it. [Read more]