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Little Epiphanies on Spring Break

While thinking about places I’d like to visit in the future, I’ve realized that a lot of them are actually in Germany. I still haven’t visited Neuschwanstein Castle. I’d love to visit Heidelberg, Cologne, and Hamburg. One of the things near the top of my travel list is to visit a winery in the Mosel Valley and sample freshly made Riesling (living the dream). You haven’t seen the last of me yet, Deutschland! [Read more]

How to Look Like a Tourist in Germany


Germany has risen from the ashes both literally and figuratively. After a tumultuous 20th century, it has become a political and economic powerhouse as well as a must-see European destination for travelers and study abroad students alike. Whether you’re just popping in for a weekend trip or you plan to establish a more long-term home base in Germany, it’s important to know how to blend in with the locals. Although its western tradition may seem familiar to many visitors, living like a local in Germany is all in the little details. Keep in mind not to do these things and you’ll fit right in no matter where you are, from Düsseldorf to Dresden. [Read more on College Tourist]

A Reunited Germany, 25 Years Later

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You might not think of a traffic crossing signal as a beloved cultural icon, but that’s just what East Germany’s Ampelmännchen have become. The little red and green men made their first appearance at East German crosswalks in 1961 and have been a beloved symbol ever since. 25 years after the infamous Wall fell in Berlin, Ampelmännchen still help pedestrians cross the streets safely at every intersection in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), one of the very few features of the former Communist nation beloved enough to survive after reunification. East Germans were unhappy about lots of things, but they loved these little guys too much to let them go – there are even entire stores where you can buy Ampelmännchen merchandise. [Read more on College Tourist]

Friendship Without Borders

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My study abroad trip to Leipzig, Germany in 2013 wouldn’t have been possible without an international partnership that was 20 years in the making.

In the early 1990s, after the reunification of Germany, many academic departments at the University of Leipzig were in a tough spot – including the journalism department. Because Leipzig is located in what used to be East Germany, many of the professors had taught from a communist perspective and were forced out after reunification. [Read more on College Tourist]

Discovering your family roots abroad and at home

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Discovering your ancestral roots is one of the most humbling experiences you can have. Most of us might not be able to think beyond our oldest living relatives, such as grandparents and great-grandparents. It’s absolutely mindblowing to realize that countless generations of people came before you, all with lives as vibrant and full as your own. [Read more]

College Tourist Student Guide to Leipzig, Germany


To say that Leipzig, Germany has had a major historical impact on the world would be an understatement. The city of about 500,000 was first documented in the year 1015 and has been thriving ever since. [Read more on College Tourist]

5 Travel Lessons I Learned while Returning from Study Abroad


I like to think of the day I came home from studying abroad as a “Murphy’s Law day” – it seemed that everything that possibly could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Unfortunately, I’m not the only person to run into problems while traveling, and I won’t be the last. Here’s a few lessons I learned that day and how you can make the best of a bad situation should one arise while traveling. [Read more on College Tourist]

Travel in the age of FOMO


Quick question: where is your smartphone right now?

I bet I know. It’s probably a foot or two away from you, if not even closer. Maybe it’s even in your hand and you’re reading this blog post on it. I’m not here to judge – I’m the same exact way with my beloved iPhone. [Read more]