40 Things to Do in Córdoba (Besides Visit the Mezquita)

Don’t get me wrong from the title. Córdoba’s grandiose, glorious thousand-year-old mosque is absolutely a must whenever you find yourself in town. However, a lot of visitors simply don’t know what else the city has to offer, and limit their time here to a simple day trip. If you’re not sure what else to do in Córdoba that isn’t the Mezquita, here are 40 suggestions that will help you make the most of your time here.

1. Visit the famous floral patios all year long at the Viana Palace

2. Take the iconic picture of the Mezquita tower peeking up from between whitewashed alleyway walls at the end of Calleja de las Flores

3. Explore the awe-inspiring ruins at Medina Azahara (the newest of Córdoba’s four UNESCO World Heritage sites!)

4. Eat the thickest slice of tortilla de patatas you’ll ever try at Bar Santos, preferably sitting on the steps of the mosque

5. Go for a run in Parque Cruz Conde 

6. Let yourself get lost in the whitewashed winding streets of the old Jewish quarter

Juderia/Jewish Quarter - things to do in Cordoba

7. Stroll along the Ribera (riverfront) and stop for ice cream at Buonisssimo (3 S’s, that’s not a typo)

8. Have drinks on the terrace of Sojo Ribera overlooking the Guadalquivir

9. Hang out in Plaza de las Tendillas and see if you can spot what’s wrong with the statue in the center of the square

Plaza de las Tendillas - things to do in Cordoba

10. Learn all about the history of the city against a beautiful backdrop of light, color, water and sound at Magical Nights at the Alcázar

11. Sip on Montilla-Moriles wine, sherry’s lesser-known cordobés cousin

Montilla-Moriles wine - things to do in Cordoba
Wine is always a good idea. From Insta.

12. Step into one of the best-preserved synagogues in Spain

13. Have a picnic under the airplane on the east bank of the river in front of the Arcángel mall (the joke is that we have a grounded plane adorning a small hillside, but not a working airport?)

14. Take a tapas crawl along Avenida del Aeropuerto (again with the aviation references! Why, Córdoba?), the largest stretch of free-tapas-with-your-drink bars in the city

eating tapas - things to do in Cordoba
Sharing tapas at Lambik.

15. Climb the Calahorra Tower to check out the views, then visit the small but fascinating museum inside

16. People-watch and enjoy the ambiance in Plaza de la Corredera

Plaza de la Corredera - things to do in Cordoba

17. Treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R at the gorgeous Arab Baths

18. Say hello to the ducks at the Jardín de los Patos

ducks in pond - things to do in Cordoba

19. Enjoy a horse show at the Royal Stables, which date from the 16th century

20. Devour the best local bites that are at their best here in the region where they were born: salmorejo (similar to gazpacho but better, IMO), rabo de toro (bull’s tail), and fried eggplant in honey, with a slice of pastel cordobés for dessert

21. Check out what’s on at the Palacio de la Merced—this beautiful 18th century convent now hosts everything from the annual nativity scene to food truck festivals to wine tastings

food trucks at Palacio de la Merced - things to do in Cordoba

22. Step back in time at Casa del Bailio and check out the Cristo de los Faroles (Christ of the Lanterns) statue nearby

23. Take a day trip out to the castle in Almodóvar del Rio

Almodovar Castle: things to do in Cordoba

24. Relax with a good book in the small garden at the center of Plaza de Colón

25. Enjoy the lively ambiance in Plaza del Potro, preferably in the evening before it gets dark when they turn the fairy lights on and it feels almost magical

26. Drink craft beers from all over the world at La Trappería, or those brewed right here in Córdoba at Califa

drinking craft beer - things to do in Cordoba
Refreshing, ice cold beers at Califa.

27. Shop till you drop on Calles Concepción and José Cruz Conde

28. Eat a flamenquín as long (and as thick) as your arm at Bonillo

29. See a real Roman temple up close

Roman Temple - things to do in Cordoba

30. …and a Roman mausoleum, too!

31. Take in the views from the other side of the bridge at Parque de Miraflores

32. Drive (or hike, or take the bus part of the way and then hike) up to Las Ermitas and enjoy the peace and quiet

Las Ermitas - things to do in Cordoba

33. Enjoy live music from talented artists at Golden Club

34. Or, check out a show at Teatro de la Axerquía or the Caseta Municipal

35. Discover the gastro-heaven that is Mercado Victoria

36. Wander into one of the dozens of beautiful churches dotted throughout the city

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.41.15 PM
The Santa Marina church (left foreground) and the San Lorenzo church (center background) were both visible from my old bedroom window!

37. Find great deals at the Arenal flea market every Sunday morning

38. Learn something new at an interesting museum, like the Museo Arqueológico or the Museo Julio Romero de Torres

39. Catch a soccer game at Arcángel Stadium (Córdoba’s team isn’t very good, but there’s something about the energy of a live sporting event that makes that seem less important)

40. Walk across the Roman Bridge at sunset, enjoying the fading light of the day and the sounds of one of the talented street musicians as background music to your charming European adventure

mezquita puente romano
The iconic view of the Mezquita from the Roman Bridge

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I love the Mezquita as much as anyone, but beautiful Córdoba has so much more to offer. Here are 40 things to do in Cordoba—the most charming city in southern Spainbesides visit the famous mosque!

Author: lindseyzimmerman

I'm a marketing pro, writer and cat person from Columbus, Ohio living in southern Spain since 2015. Usually drinking manzanilla, reading Lorca, or attempting to dance flamenco (not all at once).

3 thoughts

  1. Thank You – great information on Córdoba!

    Do you know if the train station has a place to store luggage? We want to stop for the day (Seville to Madrid).


    1. Thanks for reading, Robert! Last I’ve heard the train station’s left luggage service is closed, but you should be able to use the storage area at the bus station (directly across the street from the train station). Enjoy Spain and Cordoba!

      1. I appreciate the fast reply! Also a former Ohio (Cincinnati) resident who abandoned the cold .

        Keep going with your blog – it’s great fun.

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